About Us


IPHMO is a leading non – profit community and public health outreach institution whose fundamental purpose is to bring today’s most pressing health issues to the forefront of public discourse on local, regional, and global scales, while contributing to improve the health and well being of all people within its area of influence by:

> Educating various stakeholders, including aspiring and serving health professionals and managers through  programs that prepare them for a lifetime of learning, leadership and contribution.
>> Exploring new research frontiers in community and public health, health and biomedical sciences, environmental, biomedical engineering and information sciences, and translate the innovations, wherever possible, into applications in the health and social entrepreneurship sectors.
>> Delivering excellence in public health care outreach, emphasizing the creation and implementation of new knowledge, strategies and technologies.
>> Leading and advocating for programs that improve health for all and extend education, research and healthcare missions through community service, partnerships and outreach.

From disaster response to communicable disease management, pollution control to nutrition and hygiene, and school and workplace health, public health solutions reduce the pressure on our health systems and the impact on our environment.
Public health and health promotion aims to understand and act on factors that cause poor health, and those that create and sustain good health. Professionals in the sector operate on the basis that prevention is better than cure, focusing on the systems and practices that shape the health of nations, communities, individuals and the environments in which we live, work and play.

Vision, Mission, Values and Goals

VISION – Systems work effectively, equitably and promote ‘health for all’

MISSION – to work with partners to improve public health, to design solutions through applied research that are translated into practice and policy.

VALUES – Health Equity, Transparency, Quality, and Mutual Respect.

GOAL – to improve local and global public health through collaborative community service.

Our aims
Through our inter-disciplinary programme of research and experiential learning we aim to improve population health and wellbeing and reduce inequalities in health.

Our research spans three research themes and is delivered across seven research groups.

Our expertise
Our academics have a wide range of skills and expertise and our external collaborators include academics, the Scottish and Governments, offices, local authorities, and the voluntary and private sectors. We lead a range of research activities including:

monitoring trends in health and wellbeing;
investigating the social, environmental and biological determinants of health and wellbeing;
developing, implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of interventions, policies and practices to improve population health and wellbeing;
knowledge exchange to ensure policies and practices are evidence-informed.