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Education and Training


Health education and training endeavours are aimed at capacity building of various stakeholders to promote health and prevent disease, disability, and premature death through education-driven behaviors and related activities.

IPHMO regularily organises customised education and experiential learning programmes for students, aspiring professionals, general public, its own teams, partner organisation as well as external entities at its learning centre – Institute for Public Health and Medical Outreach.

We have access to expert professionals as well as the facilities for the training and accommodations at very competitive prices.

Some of our recent education, training and workshops included:

> Food and Nutrition

> Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

> Fitness and Wellness

> Reproductive and Sexual Health

> Maternal and Child Health

> Drug Abuse and Addiction

> Psycho-social and Emotional Health

> Special and Remedial Education

> First Aid and Survival Techniques

> Occupational Health and Safety

> Emergency Preparedness and Response

> Home Aid Care / Home Nursing


Customised Education and Training programs

IPHMO also organizes education and training programs customised to the needs of the participating organization / institute. Our team is at disposal of interested parties to study education and training needs and to facilitate the desired program.

We are also available to help organise specific or customised training either by our facilities in Dharamshala region or at the locations of the interested party.

Interested parties can share contact details and expectations by filling in the questionnaire below:

customised training course application / questionnaire


Public SEHAT Manager Course

IPHMO is currently developing an innovative program to mobilise, select, train and empower about 1500 Public SEHAT Managers and setting up 750 Public SEHAT Centres (Centre for Public Health Advancement through Technology and Social Entrepreneurship) across Kangra district through 2020 to 2022.

This program is an innovative concept with cross-listed courses ideally housed within context of public health and executed in collaboration with experienced professionals, entrepreneurs and faculty and/or institutions/organisations with expertise in various related fields.

The programme is focused on developing a new generation of public health micro-entrepreneurs who have the potential to enhance learner’s ambitions, creates self-employment prospects, establish new applications for health promotion, and support innovation in public health delivery. Learners will acquire a sense of opportunity and prospects for self-reliance along with a direction to lead and innovate. In this way, public health social entrepreneurship can add incredible value to our mission on the field.

We are looking for strategic partners for this endeavour. Interested parties can write to: – coordinator@iphmo.org