Psychological Assessment and Research Unit

cGCPW (Centre for Guidance, Counselling and Psycho-social Well-being) has planned to set up a  Psychological Assessment and Research Unit at Dharamshala, Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. The Unit will operate as a service and a research unit. Apart from providing various specialized psychological atests and assessment services, the Unit will also conduct research projects that are relevant to human cognitive, behavioural, and emotional functioning and well-being.

Experiences and knowledge thus gained will be used to inform, teaching and guide further research.

Specialized services will be provided by registered psychologists, educational psychologists, counsellors or other professionals registered with Indian Association of Clinical Psychology or other professional counselling bodies.


  • To serve the general public who are experiencing behavioural and emotional problems, learning difficulties or neuro-cognitive concerns
  • To serve the students and young people with educational. personality and career aptitude tests, assessment, guidance and counselling
  • To conduct research projects that help increasing our understanding about human cognitive, behavioural, and emotional functioning.
  • To educate psychology students and the general public who would like to understand more about cognitive, emotional and behavioural functioning