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Public Health and Medical Outreach Internships

IPHMO internship programme

The IPHMO is deeply invested in and commeted to regional public and global health issues building future leaders in public health. IPHMO Internship Programme offers a wide range of opportunities for students and young scholars to participate in our initiatives and gain insight in the technical and administrative programmes of the national government and WHO.

IPHMO is committed to providing learning opportunities for talented students (from undergraduate to graduate and post-graduate students) and young professionals who want to explore and develop new professional skills in the public health field.

IPHMO’s Internship Program seeks to provide selected candidates with a structured teaching/learning environment to enhance their academic or professional training with practical experience / experiential learning.

IPHMO’s Health Internship Program is designed to create a pipeline of uniquely trained, future public health systems thinkers, professionals and social entrepreneurs by matching interns with IPHMO programs, based on their interest, and focus of their academic training and research requirements.

Who are we looking for?

-You are enrolled in a degree programme in an under-graduate or a graduate school both at the time of application and during the internship, or having passed out of the university in not more than past 2-years.
-You have completed at least two years of a diploma program.
-You are at least 20 years old.
-You possess a first degree in a public health, medical or social field related to the technical work of or a degree in a management-related or administrative field.
-You have working English language competency

Costs / Incentives

Unfortunately, the internships are not paid and all costs of travel, accommodation and are the responsibility of the intern or the sponsoring institution.

However, IPHMO undertakes to facilitate economical accomodation and food arrangement within its hostel / homestays.

International applicants will be supported / sponsored to get a visa.

Benefits / Incentives

IPHMO is committed to supporting its interns, volunteers, and employees adopt and maintain lifestyles that enhance their own overall well-being. This commitment is an extension of IPHMO’s vision of healthy communities and health for all, and is demonstrated by our workplace Occupational Health, Safety and First Aid guidelines.

> 5-days and 40-hrs work week

> Safe and economically affordable incentivised accomodation and food.

> Free project related workplace transport and resources.

> Structure, supervision and mentorship support.

> Reference letter and certificates.


Conditions of IPHMO internships

> The duration of IPMO internships is between a minimum of 1-month to a maximum of 6-months.

> IPHMO internships are not paid. Travel costs, living accommodations and food are the responsibility of the intern or their sponsoring institution. However, IPHMO takes responsibility to provide living accommodations and food in its hostel/homestays.

> Persons related to a staff member, i.e., son/daughter, brother/sister are not eligible for an internship.

> Interns must have adequate medical insurance coverage during the entire period of the internships.

> Competent and performing interns with post-graduate degrees may extend their unpaid internship into stipend-paid Fellowship after 6-months. One can fill in the fellowship application after 3-months stay. One does not automatically qualify to become a paid Fellow. Only a select people can be accommodated after scrutiny by the management.

> Interns do not have the status of WHO staff members and shall not represent the Organization in any official capacity.

> Interns are not eligible for appointment to any paid job position within IPHMO for a period of 1-year following the end of their internship, Any employment with IPHMO at any point in time shall be subject to established recruitment and selection procedures.


How can I apply?

When they are available, all IPHMO Internships are posted on various online platforms including this site for summer, fall, winter and spring. One can send a resume with the cover letter detailing one’s interests and expectations to –

with a cc to,